Casa Valdez Tortillas

Casa Valdez, Inc. • 502 Chicago St. • Caldwell, Idaho 83605 • 208-459-6461

Almost 4 decades and we are growing strong! Casa Valdez, an Idaho company is a true tale of successful entrepreneurship. Jose and Maria Valdez began their journey in 1977 with enough money raised for equipment and a loan to buy the truckload of corn. Jose worked in the fields, but his dream was for a better life for his kids (isn’t that the greatest American dream?) He continued working in the fields but made tortillas in his factory when it rained or when his crew couldn’t work in the fields. Slowly his business grew so much that it became his full time job.

Along the journey, Casa Valdez has been inducted into the Tortilla Hall of Fame and Jose has been honored Small Business Person of the year to his surprise. His humble beginnings found him in disbelief of his success.

In 1992 Casa Valdez expanded to it’s current 22.500 square foot factory and retail store now located on 5th Avenue in Caldwell, Idaho.

Casa Valdez runs product on a daily basis and trucks deliver the products to eastern Oregon, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, cities in Nevada and Idaho. The company employs around 70 persons.

If you are searching for US grown and made tortillas (locally stone ground milled whole grain corn) we invite you to try these corn and flour tortillas, delicious!

Here are some of our wonderful product selections:

Traditional and Snack Size Flour Tortillas
Corn Tortillas
Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas
Pepe’s Family Pack Flour (50) and Fiesta Pack (80)
Pepe’s Corn Pack (36)
La Tumba Todo (100 pack)

Find them in your local supermarket or request them.

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The Valdez Family